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Since I was a kid, I have always had a love for real estate. From looking through local home listings as a child to exploring cities, something about buildings has always captured my fascination. Recently I have had the great fortune of exploring these interests while working in both downtown San Francisco and downtown San Antonio. These experiences fueled my interest and now as I approach my career ahead, I am excited to follow my passion.


One of my most oldest hobbies is backpacking. Growing up just an hour from the gates of Yosemite, hiking has been a significant part of my life ever since I can remember. Several years ago I was able to explore this hobby as I embarked on an expedition of California’s famous John Muir Trail with a good friend. While there were some difficulties, (including a broken toe & being lost for three straight days), we eventually completed the 350-mile trip and made many memories in the process.

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Dining is an activity I really enjoy. While I would consider myself a fairly poor cook, I have always had an appreciation for well-crafted food. Nowadays this appreciation has taken me all over cities searching for the best regional cuisine. At the moment some of my favorite restaurants include: Alma in Minneapolis, Kokkari Estiatorio in San Francisco, Marmalade in Puerto Rico, Gaggan in Bangkok, and Comme Chai Toi in Paris.


As might be clear from the website, I really enjoy graphic design. It truly started only about four years ago but it is something I have instantly made a part of my life. Taken classes offered by the college along with studying the skill on my own, my interests have now blossomed into a full-scale hobby. As such, I often find myself taking a couple hours each week and setting them aside to experiment with posters and graphics. While I do not intend to pursue it as a profession, I appreciate how it allows me to think creatively.

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Sports are something I have always loved. Playing both ultimate frisbee and lacrosse right now in college, I thoroughly enjoy keeping myself busy. In the past I have also participated in rock climbing, soccer, football, and horse back riding. However when I am not playing, I can surely be found watching my favorite team on television. In the fall I consumed by college football and every year in the spring I am captivated by the NBA payoffs.


Last but certainly not least of my interests, is traveling. I have been lucky enough in my life to visit some spectacular regions but I plan on exploring even more. My favorite place I have visited is probably the country of Spain, which I have been to on three occasions. From the beauty of the Basque country to the paella of Valencia, Spain has certainly won my heart. Currently my short list of places to visit includes: Beijing, China, Lake Bled, Slovenia, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, Dubai, UAE, and the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. To be directed to my travel website, please click here.

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